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Stazi Group has been at the forefront of developing “hospitality” that has focused on the core beliefs of service, quality, and delivery. In practice, this means all outlets are expected every day to be open on time and ready for service. Food presentation and quality to be first class.


SOUTHSIDE ESPRESSO ROTISSERIE DELI has an extensive menu on offer, so we have something for everyone to enjoy! We serve Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Dessert and all the in betweens.

Located in Liverpool Hospital, Cosmopolitan Espresso and Food Emporium offers visitors, staff and the local community the ultimate culinary experience.

Business Park Cafeteria situated at 12-24 Talavera Road, North Ryde. A funky café servicing companies such as Toshiba, CSC, Sanofi- Aventis, Ericsson, Nielsen and Nutricia to name just a few.

Mercado is about the revival of the old mixed with the new. Our passion in food derives directly from a love of reviving forgotten kitchen skills.

Stazi Group


Stazi Group’s continued growth has depended on its fulfillment of its core beliefs and clearly demonstrates daily to its customers they are receiving the best in food services